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The Comedy Examiner answers your “Jon & Kate + 8” questions!–Kate–8-questions

Ah, the anonymity of the internet: a boon for those unwilling to be outspoken in their day to day lives.  The internet is also a hotbed of rabid “Jon & Kate” fans– many of whom feel inclined to defend their favorite Gosselin in emails to the Comedy Examiner.  Here, the Comedy Examiner responds to these pressing inquiries regarding America’s favorite non-couple!

This is the first time the Comedy Examiner’s desk has run an article based entirely on feedback from a previous article (or, in this case, a pair of articles*).  On average, each article that comes to the Examiner from your humble author generates half a dozen or so emails, and in 60% of cases, these emails basically come down to: “Waaah!”


Jon never was ‘ABUSED’ by her during there marriage…I know KAte Gosselin and I think you should know that she is a great mother.  What is she supposed to do? Quit the show? Live on the streets?  Join the army?…I know things about Jon that she hasn’t told anyone and she could sue him for alot of money…

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