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Rescue Me: Tommy is actually falling in love, I think

The beginning of this show had a different feel. Black Sean was trying to save a jumper. He told the guys that he once saved his brother from jumping. He talks to the man but he cannot stop him from taking that fatal leap. He later tells Tommy that his brother kept trying until he did finally kill himself. Sean starts drinking, crying and keeps thinking he sees jumpers on the bridge. He tells Tommy that the reason he has so many problems with Colleen is because of what a crappy father he was drinking and cheating all the time. I’m not sure what happen but the next thing I see, Tommy is hugging him and Sean is telling him that he loves him. It was bromancetastic!

Later in the show, Tommy was very persistant with Miora Kelly’s character. She keeps pushing him away. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, just a boy toy, Damian. She lost her baby and when Tommy shares about Connor she gets all bitchy and says that’s why she doesn’t want a boyfriend. Then he held her while she cried. It was very touching. I think he’s falling for her in a different way than he loves Janet and Sheila. Actually, I don’t think he ever loved Sheila.

Everybody is drinking at the bar. Uncle Teddy’s wife, Ellie (played by the prolific and recognizable Patti D’Arbanville) is doing shots and it is suggested that she slow down. As most drunks who are told to slow down do, she did a few more shots. This is what I don’t understand. She leaves and gets in the car. WTF? Back and forth, her driving and calling Teddy while he’s drinking and laughing with the guys. Back and forth. Very predictable and it ended with her crashing into what looked like a truck. How many shows have ended this way?

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