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My Ed Hardy-ish New Shoes & More of Mini-Snark’s Artwork!!


I’m 47 years old. Why do I like shoes like these? I’m a casual dresser but I wouldn’t be caught dead in Ed Hardy. I don’t wear pink and I don’t like (in fact, I despise) the Grateful Dead. Why did I buy these shoes? Maybe they won’t feel right when I try to wear them and then I’ll have to take them back to Payless Shoes. Meanwhile, I still bought these shoes. Why? Somebody tell me they are not awul? Hey, they don’t have skulls!! I bought my daughter these shoes:







She got 4 pairs of shoes!! Not bad for the start of school!!  She hasn’t had Mary Janes in a few years and I want her to be able to dress nicer if she wants to. I swear, she tried on every damn shoe in the place. She’s between kid and woman. It’s confusing. She can wear a 7 1/2 womens’ but a 6 girls’ is too big? I don’t know how the stupid numbers work so I just had her try on, walk, try on, walk, try on, walk. It was kinda fun.

Here’s the criteria:

  • No laces. Don’t ask.

  • Nothing to pink or “girlie” but also not too dark, Spiderman-y or “Boy-ee.”

  • No Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, HSM, or anything Disney tween related. “iCarly” is ok. If we could find shoes with Kirby on them she’d be the happiest kid in the world.

  • No “funny tongues.”

Time for more of Mini-Snarky’s artwork:

Kirby with gun

Kirby with gun

Kirby with Mike

Kirby with Mike


Kirby's Entrance

Kirby with a Cookie

Kirby with a Cookie


Kirby with a dog

Kirby with a dog

Fighter Kirby

Fighter Kirby


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