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Dolphins shouldn’t splash, shame, shame dolphin!!!

The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is the zoo I grew up going to. Usually with school or some other group because I don’t remember ever going with my family. On my last trip to San Diego we went to Sea World. During the Dolphin Show, a “volunteer” came to the stairway podium and totally slipped and tripped on the way up. That was not part of the show but she was.

When you go where water is splashing you’re supposed to take careful steps. It’s slippery. I know that, you know that, my kid knows that. I believe there are even signs that say “slippery when wet” (no, not the ones above my bed) but this stupid lady was obviously not paying attention. I hope she doesn’t win this suit.

Woman Sues Splashing Dolphin

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A woman is suing a Chicago-area zoo for a 2008 fall near a dolphin exhibit, accusing zookeepers of encouraging the mammals to splash water and then failing to protect spectators from wet surfaces, local media reported on Thursday.

In her suit filed earlier this week, Allecyn Edwards said she was injured while walking near an exhibit at Brookfield Zoo, where a group of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were performing, media said.

Officials “recklessly and willfully trained and encouraged the dolphins to throw water at the spectators in the stands, making the floor wet and slippery,” but failed to post warning signs or lay down protective mats or strips, the suit said, according to the reports.

Edwards is demanding more than $50,000 for lost wages, medical expenses and emotional trauma from the Chicago Zoological Society and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, which operate the zoo in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

The suit was filed in Illinois’ Circuit Court of Cook County.


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