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“Hoarders” — Maybe he needed to trash the friend?

I watched a bit of A&E’s new show, “Hoarders.”

This picture was taken off of Google. I don't know who's mess it is.

I’ve always wondered if I have a bit of this affliction but I don’t. I’m just lazy. Once I get to sorting I am very willing to throw things out.

This poor man has been a mess since his mother died two years ago. His home is loaded with junk and the hallway is so packed he can’t even get into his mother’s room. He’s working with a behaviour therapist. Slowly, they are sorting things, tossing things, and dealing with his need to save useless things.

This man has a friend. I don’t know if she’s a ‘girlfriend’ or what but she’s a bitch. They are having lunch and she’s saying “I’ve heard this before, many times.” Yeah, but how many times has he been FILMED during this process? How many times has he shared this with the world?
I did not like this woman.

The man finally cleared his hallway and was ready to go into his mother’s room for the first time in 2 years. Very emotional scene and I had to turn the channel because my mom is here and I didn’t want to think about her being gone.

He eventually gets his mom’s room cleared out, even tossing her (very gross) mattress. At this point, I was very impressed with his progress. He felt comfortable enough to invite his good friend over. He was actually adorable with anticipation waiting to show his friend all the work he has done.

I swear, this woman must be cut from the same cloth as Kate Gosselin. All she could do was criticize and talk about the areas he didn’t clean. I was yelling at the screen. With a friend like that, this guy doesn’t need any enemies. He said something to the effect of “I won’t let her negativity effect my progress.” I’m glad he could see her for what she was.

This was a good show for me to watch this week. I’m off work and my goal is to clean my small apartment of clutter. I’ve been going through toys, clothes, books, etc and giving things away to any neighbor that will take them.

I’m going to GoodWill tomorrow. Yeah, I’m definalty not a hoarder. I might be a lazy slob who doesn’t throw things out but I’m not a hoarder.

Doesn’t everybody have Rock&Roll magazines from 1975? (actually, I sold a bunch on Ebay last year).


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