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“Drop Dead Diva” — Love it if I just watch it and don’t read the message boards,

“Drop Dead Diva” is a new show on Lifetime. Brooke Elliott is wonderful playing a “skinny, shallow model in a fat, smart woman’s body.” The writing is fun and the stories are entertaining. If I watch it and don’t get online to try and “discuss” it, I’m fine. However, I just came from imdb where I found comments such as:

She’s absolutely obese-looking.

She is fat. And that is okay. In no way is she a size 16. She is closer to a 24.

I agree, I have nothing against people who are heavier, but I would like to see the plot take a twist for the better. I think that personality wise, Jane is great, but of course, realistically her weight could be seen as unhealthy especially if she continued to eat the way she does i.e. donuts, high calorie foods….

So the consensus is that anything over a size six is very unhealthy and the only way this story could progress is if Jane loses weight. Obviously the man she loves can never fall in love with a size 16! THAT would be insane! No woman bigger than a size 6 should be allowed to have true love with a handsome man, right?

My friend who recently passed away was gorgeous. He even won for “best smile” in H.S. His first wife was model beautiful. Every gf after her was beautiful and skinny. In the last 6 years of his life he spent with the love of his life. She’s a wonderful person but not very attractive. She’s also 9 years older than him. They were friends for many years before they “hooked up” and their love was pure and true. My friend has never been smaller than a size 9. Either have I.I think Brooke Elliott resembles Delta Burke.


Also in the cast of this show, the wacky and hysterical Margaret Cho as Jane’s kookie assistant. Love her because they give her all the good one-liners and, hopefully, will develop more of her character as the show progresses.

Another co-star is April Bowlby as Deb’s friend, Stacy. She played Kandi on “Two and a Half Men.” In this show she doesn’t have the annoying dumbness of Kandi. She is the only one who knows that Deb is in Jane’s body. Jane’s guardian angel, Fred, is in love with Stacy


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