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Joan Rivers Roast on Comedy Central Tonight at 10pm!

I always liked Joan Rivers, however, the other day she tweeted some shit that I thought was over-the-top and in poor taste. She’s obviously trying to get attention/publicity for this special and I will still watch it. I love these roasts and with Kathy Griffin hosting and Mario Cantone, Tom Arnold, Carl Reiner and Whitney Cummings on the Dais, I cannot wait!

So, I’m having a debate with myself. Somebody is Twittering from the Roast (even though it’s not live) and I don’t know if I should read the tweets or just wait 3 more hours until it airs on the West Coast.

I spent most the weekend watching the “Best of” The Comedy Central Roasts. I love these things. Jeff Ross, Greg Geraldo, Gilbert Godfried and Lisa Lampinelli are all the veterans of the roasts. Lisa is not on this show because (or so I read) she was pissed off that Kathy Griffin was chosen as host and not her. I love Lisa but Kathy is more mainstream and Comedy Central wants sponsors and ratings above all. She still should have done the show.

The “Best of” clips clips included Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur. I’m glad both of them got to do something funny before they passed. Betty White said, “I always laugh when I see Artie Lang. That’s because I know I’m going to outlive him.” She’s probably right.


So far the show is nothing spectacular. Sometimes they are funnier the second time around. Greg Geraldo was good. Whitney Cummings was funnier and much raunchier than expected. When Kathy introduced her she called her “Chelsea Handjob.” Whitney is regular round-table guest on “Chelsea Lately. Meow Kathy.

Whitney’s best joke to Tom Arnold, “You and Roseanne were the original tabloid couple. You were like ‘Jon and Kate and an Eightball.'”


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