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Another WTF! Paris Jackson has a bio-dad and it’s Oliver!

Im Paris Dad Claims Michael Jackson Close Friend Mark Lester from

Michael Jackson’s close friend, former child star Mark Lester, claims he is the real father of the singer’s daughter and would willingly take a paternity test to prove it in a new bombshell report..

Lester, who is godfather to all three of the Jackson children, tells News Of The World Michael approached him with a request that he act as a sperm donor so he could have children.

He also claims he has concerns about the welfare of Jackson’s children and hopes his confession will ensure he is able to maintain contact with them.

Lester shot to fame in the lead role of Lionel Bart’s 1968 musical film Oliver! and met Jackson in 1982.

“I’m godfather to Michael Jackson’s children. I believe that Paris could be my daughter. I would be willing to take a paternity test.

“Michael Jackson asked me in a private conversation if I’d be willing to donate sperm on his behalf. I was phoned up by a London clinic and I was asked what would be a convenient time for me to attend,” he told the News of the World.

“I made an appointment to go along. Michael was married to Debbie Rowe at the time. She’s the birth mother of the children so I naturally assumed that sperm donation would have gone into Debbie and Debbie would have both the children.

“Of all Michael Jackson’s children I’d assume that the one that looks most like me is Paris.

“I’ve come forward now because I have concerns about the welfare and upbringing of the children. There is a contact issue. I really want to remain in contact with those kids and I feel now that this is the only way I can ensure that.

Mark said he has spoken to lawyers to establish his rights to contact the children.

Note from TVSnark (blog owner): I will not be posting any pictures of Michael Jackson’s children. They are easy to find but I’d prefer not to have them on my site. They are not TV stars.


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