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Groceries Delivered: Lazy or Smart??

I sometimes have groceries delivered. If you buy certain items or have a special code, you can get the delivery for free.

You shop online and pick your items. I like to do it when I order cases of water or other heavy items. There are no “impulse” buys because there aren’t any displays to grab from.

Fruit, meat and veggies I prefer to buy in person.

With delivery I don’t have to drag my child to the store (she’s been acting very impatient in public) and I don’t have to deal with traffic, parking, lines, etc. I also can’t use coupons so that sucks but I can get many special deals that are only online.

So, here I wait. Delivery is expected by 3:00. I want my Swedish Fish (I’m sending some to an online friend who never heard of them) and I want my soap. Yes. I ran out of soap for our body. Who does that? Who runs out of bar soap? Well, I did and I kept forgetting to buy it. Shampoo is not quite the same. Also haven’t shaved anything and I’m going swimming with humans tomorrow.

I also bought myself some new clothing. I weekly wear the same outfits every week. Same shirts, same pants, different days. It gets so old. When I went shopping for the funeral I saw that Kohl’s had many cute tops that I would like to add to my pathetic wardrobe. Kid and I went yesterday and she was bored, bitchy and annoying. I never shop for myself but next time I will not bring her for the ride.

Meanwhile, I’ve been buying her clothes for years. She grows out of stuff fast and she’s now between Girls’ and Womens’. I guess that would be Juniors? I don’t know how sizes works but nothing really fits her right.


August 8, 2009 - Posted by | Shopping

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