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Sweetheart, have some modesty, PLEASE

I went to pick up my daughter at camp and on the way there I always see joggers and power walkers. I was reminded of Sue Ellen Miske when I saw a woman, in awesome physical shape, jogging with a white bra on. I didn’t see her pants or shorts but the brar was white. In my mind I thought that she must enjoy the attention. Why wear white? Any color would have taken away the unnerwears look.

Time to pick up child. I go into the room and she’s wearing her bathing suit with her shirt over it. I guess I should be greatful she was wearing her shirt. Then she tells me that they didn’t go swimming all day. “Then why do you still have your suit on?”

Blank stare.

I have her put on her shorts because I’d rather not walk through the crowded lobby with her half naked. “I’m not naked, I have my bathing suit on!”

She SO doesn’t get it. I would have cried when I was trying to explain it to her but I’m wearing contacts and didn’t want to lose them.

We are having long talks about modesty. She’s the one who came up with the phrase “Poop is Private.” I want her to be comfortable with her body but not so comfortable that she doesn’t realize how much she’s showing. She doesn’t understand that you can’t sit in a bathing suit “indian style” and that you can’t walk around in only a bathing suit when you are not actually swimming. I don’t mean to sound like a prude but she’s developing quickly and I don’t want her to get the wrong kind of attention when she’s only 10 years old.

I made her put on her shorts and she was so confused as to why I was upset. I was able to tell her about the jogger and that I think she needs to understand modesty and boundaries.

BTW, at home I allow her to be comfortable. I prefer she not be topless but she sleeps that way and her room is her room. My friend is from France and everybody is nakitt! I’m not from France and I don’t want my daughter showing her body.

I am a prude.


August 7, 2009 - Posted by | Reality TV |

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