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RHWOA: Please Make This Season “All About Kim”

At least I hope it is. This woman is a trip. She thinks she can sing and she thinks she’s “all that and a bag of chips.”  She sees nothing wrong with having a relationship with a married man. She also doesn’t understand that she cannot sing! My dead dog’s howling sounds better than anything that comes out of Kim’s lungs. =cough = have another cigarette, Kim.

Sheree and NeNe will become friends this season. I cannot stand Sheree. She also thinks she is “all that” and she’s just a pretentious snob. I’m glad I don’t know her in real life because I might have to kick her skinny ass.

NeNe. Love me some NeNe. Out of all the housewives in all the cities, she is the one I like best. She was pretending to try to play pool with her son and husband. It was cute. She quit early because she didn’t want to ruin her nails. Then she went to a party without her husband. I love couples that are secure and don’t have to be with each other every single minute of every day. (Kelly and Mark?)

This should be a good season. I’m hoping to see a Kim breakdown.

There is a new housewife this season, Kandi. I never heard of her but she has a career as a singer/songwriter. Wow. A housewife with an actual skill. That’s a twist.

She’s very likable and I felt bad for her because her mother doesn’t approve of her fiancee. He has 6 kids with four different “baby mamas” and her mom is just concerned.

Fireworks when NeNe, Sheree and Kim got together to “put everything on the table.” NeNe doesn’t know who’s lying. She’s starting to believe Kim over Sheree and I think I believe the crazy bat too. Kim nailed it when she called Sheree an “opportunist” and Sheree was all ready to “kick some ass” because she was called a liar. At least when NeNe did the song about Kim she fessed up to it. Kim and Sheree deny, deny, deny, and then throw each other under the bus. They both probably realize that NeNe is the “breakout favorite character” and they want to get and stay close to her. After all, even Anderson Cooper is a big fan of NeNe.

Lisa. Oh Lisa. I want to like her. She’s gorgeous and her husband is attentive and sexy. However, they went to the fertility specialist to see about having a baby after 35. I don’t know how far she is past 35 but I didn’t need to go to a specialist just to see if it was okay for me to get pregnant. I stopped taking the pill and I got pregnant. I think it took maybe 3 months.

Something was said that really disturbed me. Since she’s older, she might want to have more kids than just one. Therefore, why not do them all at once? They want twins! No. They want 3 or 4. Yes. This was all stated numerous times.

  • Another few notables: Kandi’s fiancee and Uncle were both wearing Ed Hardy.

  • No children or animals were exploited or humiliated during the showing of this episode

  • When men tell Kim that she’s gorgeous she truly really honestly believes them

  • Lisa and her man are a bit too “perfect,” if you know what I mean. She wants a TV show of her very own. She wants her own little commodities to exploit. Woo hoo. It’s a trend.


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