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Things I did today!

Confession. I’m a very unmotivated person.
I go to work every single day. I’ve only called in twice in the 3 years that I’ve had my new supervisor and been in my own little office. I love my job and on Aug. 6 I will have been there 21 years. While others were being laid-off, downsized, bought out, outsourced, etc, I actually managed to hold on and keep my job. Some people resent me for this. I have a child to feed and just because the man who owns the company is a Republican doesn’t mean I’m going to go in the unemployment line because Joe Schmo refuses to work for him.

When I have a day off I usually sleep. That is what I do. I love to sleep.

Today I:

  • 1. Took Kid to camp

  • 2. Went inside to pay for 2 weeks of lunches

  • 3. Went to post office

  • 4. Went to bank

  • 5. Went to Comcast

  • 6. Got my car Smog Checked

  • 7. Got lunch for me.

Went home and took a nap. After I picked her up from camp I:

  • 8. Got a car wash & Fill up

  • 9. Went to Whole Foods and bought overpriced, delicious fruit.

This is a normal day for most people, I realize that. For me it isn’t.
My apartment is still a mess. I know this mess is to blame for some of my over-sleeping.


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