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Hilary Duff on “Law and Order: SVU:

Tonight I watched a rerun of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Hilary Duff played a young mom whose baby was first missing and then eventually found dead.

Duff’s character said she left the baby with a nanny she met at a park. “A lady with the name “Gonzalez or Rodriquez,” something with a z.” (Zanny the Nanny?) It was obvious to me that the story was “loosely based on” the Caylee Anthony murder. Duff’s crazy-ass mother was played by NYPD Blue’s Gail O’Grady, and she made Cindy Anthony look sane (but she was acting).

The episode was titled “Selfish” and Duff’s character, Ashlee Walker, was portrayed as a shallow, partying, self-absorbed single mom and I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. She didn’t have that “crazy eye” look that Casey Anthony has but she was believable in her character. Gail O’Grady’s character was a little over-the-top but I love the woman and couldn’t help but laugh at her portrayal of a over-emotional mother/grandmother. She didn’t know weather to defend and protect her daughter or blame her for the baby’s death and she did have that crazy-eye look.

Suddenly the show’s plot changed and for a second or two I thought I was was watching a different episode. The Coroner revealed that Ashlee’s baby had died from the Measles. The DA made a deal with Duff and her lawyer, played by Annie Pots, and Duff confessed to spanking the baby at night and in the morning the baby was dead. She panicked and buried her because she thought she killed her. After the deal was made for extensive therapy and community service, the DA told her that she didn’t kill her baby.

They determined that the baby caught the Measels from a child at the playground that wasn’t immunized and had contracted, but recovered from the Measles. The mother of that kid was one of those parents who doesn’t believe in vaccinating her children because of the possible risks. She was charged for murder and found not-guilty.

Some discussions about the risks vs. the benefits. I get the impression that the writers are Pro-vaccination, as am I, but I’ve never encountered a situation such as this. My neighbor (who moved and I STILL miss :() didn’t believe in vaccinations and she is a nurse! Whatever, if I wanted to be preached to I wouldn’t be watching TV.

The story ended with a return to the parody of the dysfunctional Anthony Clan. Ashlee’s distraught, no-longer-sober father and psycho-with-a-vengeance mother were outside of the other mother’s home trying to get her outside so they could “kick her ass.” The police came, the father ran into the house and gunshots were heard. Back in the house the father is dead. Before he died he said to the woman, “Now you’ve killed two people.”


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