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God Doesn’t Know These People!!

This is the verbiage of Kate’s actual letter to the places they solicited for speeches. My comments are in red.

WE ARE NOW BOOKING INTO MID 2009. DATES ARE GOING FAST AND ARE VERY LIMITED!!!!!! This was before they knew Jon would be caught with young woman.

Logistics info: First, Jon and I always travel together for safety reasons. This was before the bodyguard.

Second, we don’t bring our children anymore due to safety/security issues. If you don’t bring the kids and you travel together, who is raising your children? Your viewers were under the impression that one parent is always home with the children.

And third, we speak to an audience of 100 or more! Anything less is obviously not worth your time.

We typically ask that the church/organization cover our travel and accommodations (airfare, hotel, car transport to/from the airport on this end and rental car on that end). As far as a ‘speaking fee’ goes, we ask for a ‘love offering’ for church services (which averages around $3000-3500 just to give you an idea, but is by no means a set ‘fee’– we let that up to God to fulfill our needs whether that amount be higher or lower!).  This was also before the $1600 a day bodyguard.

Other groups (evening church sponsored events, non church affiliated programs etc) are charged a fee of $3500 for events scheduled in 2009. Rumors at the time were that Kate started asking for $25,000. Obviously that was misreported and she actually asked for $3500.

For a Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, we charge by the person…. a $ 15 fee per person with a minimum of 100 people. Additionally, we ask that we also be scheduled to speak at a church service while we are there. For the “love offerings” of the church goers that don’t watch our show and will feel sorry for us, dig in their pockets, and help out a poor family. Church people are the BEST.

As mentioned above, if you are scheduling a Saturday night event the fee is $3500. If you also want to schedule Sunday morning church services, we ask for a love offering in whatever amount is collected to cover Sunday. We want to let God provide for us want to be able to continue to travel and speak!

These fees are incorporated to cover our time, babysitting and time away from work! I thought this was your work?

In the past, churches, MOPS groups, organizations have charged admission or provided free tickets and covered our ‘fee’ in other ways.

It is up to you how it should be handled in your situation. Just as long as we are given payment. I don’t speak for free.

We typically use our presentation entitled ‘Six (in honor of our 6) Lessons We Have Learned’ where we start with a video montage set to

music of our family and then do our presentation. We tell our story from the beginning while we weave our points into it- including the pertinent Bible verses that came alive to us during those times and continue to be our guide today (you can request an email copy of our outline for review)! We usually end with about a half hour of questions from the audience which brings our total presentation time to about 1 1/2 hours in length. Ours is a story that is encouraging to everyone who hears it! Yes. Encourages young women to try and get pregnant with multiples. Q&A’s stopped really quick, didn’t they?

It is a story of God‘s hope, grace and love in a time when there was a lot of uncertainty, fear and doubt! Anyone who listens can apply these same lessons in their own lives! No, God made you infertile. Science made you pregnant.

The only other thing we require is a $150 deposit to hold the date you have chosen! However, if we cancel we still keep the money.

Additionally, please note that we are appearing as Jon and Kate Gosselin and this is aside from our show. TLC owns the rights to our show, we don’t and so any advertising about our appearance may say ‘from TLC’s hit show ‘Jon & Kate plus 8’ but it may not use any logo or TLC owned print. Also, we cannot do ANY media interviews/ appearances related to our speaking event in order to remain in accordance with our TLC contract. This is because TLC is our Pimp and we don’t want them to beat our asses.

I hope this information helps! We enjoy speaking but are still surprised at the demand! We know it is what God is asking of us!!!! No Kate, the rabid Sheeple want to see you, be you, touch you. The other people are showing up out of morbid curiosity, or because they are already praying at that church.

Please reserve your date quickly! We are booking daily now and the dates are going fast! And please plan on having more people inquire about coming than you planned! Most events are now sold out due to lack of enough seating before the inquiries stop coming!!!! It is amazing–not what we ever had planned for our lives but we enjoy what we do! Then why don’t you ever smile or look fans in the eye (not when TLC is filming). For someone who enjoys what she does, you sure are a miserable bitch.

Because of God‘s grace! God asked me to tell you to lose his phone number. He’s getting a restraining order against you and a seize and desist to stop using His name in your scam.

Kate Gosselin for all ten of us


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