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Douche Lohan is “In Love” with Douch Gosselin



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July 26, 2009

The news for kids in the entertainment business is filled with alarming stories, led by the continuing inability of the State of Pennsylvania to render a decision as to the status of the eight Gosselin children who make up 4/5th of the cast of “Jon & Kate +8,” a show due to end its hiatus on August 3rd 2009 and resume production shortly thereafter. After the media circus that took place in New York City over the past weekend that saw the Gosselin children dragged through hordes of paparazzi over a span of more than eight hours to promote TLC’s programming, a reasonable person might conclude that there is no one in authority at TLC to end the serial abuse of reality show kids. In brief, are the Gosselin Kids working, or not? If they’re not working, why is everyone else in the Gosselin home-studio being paid?

In far off India, a nation stung by the sorry tale of two young workers in the film business, that nation’s Supreme Court has ruled that employers who willfully put minor-age workers at risk in any industry will be subject to fines of up to One Million Dollars (US).

Finally, in a tacit admission that they really didn’t know what they were doing, the attorneys representing Nadya Suleman who is popularly known as “Octo-Mom” have filed actual employment contracts for the Octuplets, and are asking for Court Approval. Left unasked and unanswered are two critical questions: 1. What were the octuplets paid from January 27th 2009 to the date of the court filing, July 24th 2009? And 2, Where are the fourteen children’s work permits and when were they issued? Readers familiar with the issues raised in these pages already know that all of the children on these reality shows share the risks of their professional counter-parts. Saying that these infants are not the same as professional young performers is a distinction without a difference.

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Jon realizes “douchebag” is not a compliment

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