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Criminal Minds: What’s Criminal is How Good Looking the Men Are on this show!!

I have a problem with the cable in my bedroom. I’m only getting the major networks. The cable works fine in the other room but for some reason I can’t watch extended cable in my room and I keep forgetting to call the cable company.

So, tonight I watched “Criminal Minds.” Good show, very well written, compelling story.

But . . . when I look at the serial killer and all I could think is “who is this guy? he’s adorable!,” it is hard to look past this strange gorgeous actor playing a serial killer. I just looked him up and here is his name is Alex O’Loughlin and I guess he did some vampire TV show, “Moonlight.” He was also up for the role of James Bond but lost to Daniel Craig. This guy is good and he’s got “it.

As the show continues, my eyes are attacked by the face and body of Shemar Moore.

Yeah, Im thinking about serial killers when I look at you . . . sure . . . thats all Im thinking about.

Yeah, I'm thinking about serial killers when I look at you . . . sure . . . that's all I'm thinking about.


July 16, 2009 - Posted by | Criminal Minds, Hunky Men, TV Drama |

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