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Rescue Me: Uncle Teddy, HE’S NOT DEAD!!

Lenny Clarke, Uncle Teddy and Denis Leary, Tommy Gavin

Lenny Clarke, "Uncle Teddy" and Denis Leary, "Tommy Gavin"

Sean Garrity has cancer. His awful mother and obnoxious brother came to help him through his surgery. However, he’d be better off with nobody. His brother is a loser and his mother thinks the brother is the “smartest man” ever! They treat Sean, a fireman, as if HE’S the loser. It’s a very disturbing family dimension.

After surgery, Sean was in a coma. Why? So we can be privileged to dream sequences of him singing and dancing. Very uncomfortable to watch and totally out-of-character for Sean to be on Broadway and singing poorly.

During his last hallucination, he wakes up to Uncle Teddy smothering him. Uncle Teddy thinks he’s now the “angel of death” and is willing to relieve any sick person of their suffering, whether they want it or not.

After Uncle Teddy tells Sean that his ex-wife, Maggie, will be visiting, he says, “Get the pillow.”

Maggie is clean and sober. I hope Tatum O'Neal is too. I love her.

When Maggie visits, Sean’s brother drools over her like a jr. high school boy. Maggie wants to make peace with Sean because she thinks he’s going to die. She wants to blow him.

It seems that Steven Pasquale, who plays Sean, has a music career. I wouldn’t have known it by his debut during his coma.

Tommy is in the bar because Lou thinks he’s going to get some with his con woman. Boring story. I love Lou but I hate this woman and don’t trust her. Watching him fall for her again is painful. I’d rather watch Lou and Tommy fight or have Lou get involved with Maggie. (yeah, that’s a good one!)

Of course, Tommy starts drinking and sees Conner, Johnny, His dad, and Jimmy.


His dad makes a point of telling Tommy that the only thing he feels is fire and heat. So, Tommy takes a blow-torch to his inner thigh (well, wouldn’t you??). After he does it and is in pain, he calls Sheila for help. She patches him up and says that she’s so disgusted with his injury that she will NEVER have sex with him again. Then they have sex. I think it was anal because it looked painful for both of them. Whatever.

One of the things I love about this show is the reality of the portrayal of family and addiction. Everybody in the Gavin Clan is addicted to something or someone. They all have a dysfunction that is self-destructive both physically and emotionally, yet I still love Tommy and hope the best for his character. He seems like he has no redeeming qualities but when he saw the children in the cancer ward he was the one to walk through the door and play with them.

Denis Leary’s acting surprises me. I first started liking him when he did stand-up many years ago. Then he did the movie The Ref, which I watched with my brother. I also loved Judgement Night and I had a hint of the great acting to come. Denis’s character in Judgment Night was creepy, scary and “stayed with me” for a few days. I needed watch some of his stand-up to get his negative image out of my brain. That movie freaks me out. It’s like a bad dream – – I guess they call those “nightmares!”

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