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The Comedians of “Chelsea Lately!”

Sarah Colonna has become my favorite comic on “Chelsea Lately.” Her impression of Theresa from RHWONJ took her knocked Heather off my number one list. She had Kate Gosselin pegged months ago when she said “the only difference between Kate Gosselin and Octomom is a make up artist and camera.” She also is in a “Partnership for a Drug-Free America” commercial. I laugh every time I see it.

Brad Wollack played Caroline in the RHWONJ spoof and he was great. He also answered my tweet a few weeks ago. (Damn it’s gone, I wanted to take a screen shot). He’s from the same area I grew up in Chicago and I love his Jewish Humor.

Heather “long boobs” McDonald. Brilliant! Her impressions are dead-on (usually) and watching her friendship with Chelsea is entertaining.


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