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Chelsea Handler beats Kate Gosselin in a Landslide!

Kate Gosselin may be on all the magazine covers and have everybody talking, but it is my post on Chelsea Handler that has given this blog the most hits.

For months all the searches were:

Kate Gosselin’s Hair
Gosselin divorce
Gosselin cheating
Kate Gosselin’s Hair
Kate Gosselin Hairstyle
Kate Gosselin bitch
Aunt Jodi and Kevin
Gosselin greedy

But the past week or so my searches have looked more like this:


Search Views
chelsea handler 102
ted harbert 29
kate gosselin haircut 6
chaz bono 4
kate gosselin hair 4
chelsea handler and ted harbert 4
ted harbert chelsea handler 3
chastity bono baby 2
chelsea handler pics 2
chastity bono girlfriend


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