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Kathy, Chelsea, Letterman, Carlin . . . Paul McCartney

I love Kathy Griffin. I’ve loved her since she was on “Suddenly Susan” with Brook Sheilds. She may be offensive to some but she has never offended me.

Chelsea Handler, one of my favorite comics, has offended me in the past but I get over it if it’s not constant and repetitive (the whole Fat baby thing bugs me and she said something else that recently made me wince). I’m also over David Letterman making stupid jokes. I swear, this guy is practically on his knees saying he’s sorry. Let’s move on already! Boycotts? Get him fired? Pickets?

He made a mistake and read an inappropriate joke. Should he fire the writer? Maybe, but if he does he’s not taking responsibility. He’s not taken responsibility, quite a few times, somehow, I don’t think Mrs. Palin is done trying to “destroy” David Letterman. Good luck, Lady.

Kathy’s Show, “My Life on the D List” is anything but! Who else gets the list of all the Grammy voters phone numbers and gets to call them and ask for their support? Also, she spends quality time with stars like Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin  . . . hardly D list. I know it’s her “shtick” but some people really dislike her and don’t understand that she’s really “made it” and the D list reference is a JOKE.

Predictably, Kathy didn’t win the Grammy for best comedy album (“what’s an album, mommy?”) George Carlin. Really? Did she ever think she had a chance? We all know that George Carlin IS THE BEST STAND UP in the world. It was a no brainer (oh, and he died last year, that too).

It still was fun to watch Kathy and her “team” groval for votes. THAT’S good reality TV. Of course it’s “scripted” to a point but she’s fun to watch and I would see her live if I had the chance (or money to go, a babysitter, and a friend who wanted to go with me.)

I wanted an excuse to post this picture. 🙂

Chelsea Handler is playing here next weekend. I would go see that too but, same crap. Bla bla bla. The last concert I went to was Paul McCartney. I bought my friend a ticket and her teenage daughter babysat. Very expensive night but I wasn’t going to miss Paul McCartney. He waved at ME!! Really, just me. I know it because he was looking at me. 

On “Chelsea Lately” tonight they, once again, discussed the Gosselins. They showed the watergate clip and Josh Wolf was the only one to “get it.” Chelsea was quiet. She hates kids so she didn’t say squat.

Josh Wolf without hat

Josh Wolf without hat


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