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Do you watch “Rescue Me?”

What do you think about Tommy drinking? He’s a known alcoholic who is drinking and saying “he can handle it.” We all know that no alcoholic can “handle it.”

When his character is drinking the storylines are better. He has Janet and Sheila both wanting to sleep with him and keep it a secret. The best part, he sees his ghosts. During a drinking binge in the bar a young junkie comes in to rob him. That kid was Conner, the son who died by getting hit by a drunk driver (who Uncle Teddy later killed.).


During another hallucination, Conner was a wall street con man. I still haven’t figured that part out yet. This show makes me think. Most shows “turn our brains to mush.”

The banter in the firehouse is the most realistic “guy talk” I’ve ever seen on TV. They are gross, they insult each other, they are men.


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