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Some people need to just SHUT UP

David Letterman made some inappropriate jokes and Sarah Palin complained. David apologized PROFUSELY and Sarah called him a pedophile. She wants attention and DAMN IT, she’s going to get it! Bill O’Reilly actually thinks that David Letterman will lose half of his viewers. Bill O’Reilly is nuts. Nobody cares about Sarah Palin or the reputation of her daughters. She seems to think she speaks for half of America. I don’t think so. The Americans I know believe in free speech and also believe when somebody apoligizes you can accept it or reject it but you don’t call a man a pedophile for one or two tasteless jokes. Nobody mentions that Dave didn’t even write these jokes, he read them off a card like he does every night. Maybe the writer ought to be investigated?? (I’m kidding).

This woman needs to shut the fuck up! She parades her pregnant teenager and her “lover” around and then cries foul when a comic makes a joke. When Bristol went on her “just say no to sex” tour it was like Keith Richards telling kids not to do drugs.

Another media whore is Carrie Prejean. No, Carrie, your bigoted closed-minded remarks did not get you fired from being Miss California. Your lack of compassion and your refusal to DO YOUR JOB got you fired. Stop playing martr. It’s okay that you think marriage is “between a man and a woman” even though both your parents have been accused of having same-sex love affairs.

Also, she thinks she represents the people of California. Ummm, I don’t think so.

I will admit that both these woman are attractive and that is why they are being listened to. There are plenty of pretty woman with brains and intelligence but FOX news chooses these two woman as “role models.”

Time for me to puke.


June 13, 2009 - Posted by | Politics |

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