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We all know that “smell” of rotting fruit. It is disgusting and one of the worst odors to ever attack the senses.

I have a tiny refrigerator at work. I bought it from a former co-worker who’s job was outsourced 2 years ago. It is mine. I bought it.

However, it is in an area where others use it. There are only 3 of us!! One guy is on vacation so I cannot blame him for doing something this inconsiderate. No, it’s the other co-worker. Yeah, the one that bugs the hell out of me for breathing! Well, I came in this morning and wanted to put my warm dietCokes in my nice fridge so they would be cool and frosty when I wanted a drink later.

I swear. It’s like somebody hit me in the fucking face! THE FRIDGE WAS EMPTY YESTERDAY, so whatever rotting crap that is in there now HE JUST BROUGHT IN!!! Does the guy have a fucking nose?? Yes, this is the same guy who will put banana peels in the garbage (he’s also been drinking from the same plastic water bottle for over 2 years)!  We are across the hall from the cafeteria! There are RED bins all over to prevent BUGS but this dude just cannot grasp the concept. He’s here at night and I have to come in to his nauseating mess every fucking morning.

Should I give him a break because he’s handicapped? I understand that getting to the garbage across the hall may be difficult but why not save up all the garbage and when you leave for the evening just drop it in the garbage across the fucking hall!! It’s not brain surgery!

There is already a box of baking soda in the fridge. Our boss bought it LAST time I complained about this inconsiderate asshole putting in stinky things.

The other day he had something that I can only describe as “a bag of tiny testicles.” I had another co-worker look in there and tell me what he saw. We both couldn’t describe the odd nut-like fruit that could only be called “a bag of balls.”

I understand that other cultures have different food choices. My nose is telling me that culture has nothing to do with this crap and that he’s just a fucking rude individual.


June 10, 2009 - Posted by | Workplace

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