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Links to Gosselin Magazine Scans (June 1st)

Thanks Preesi. As always, you are FIRST and Best!!

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“Rescue Me is Hot! Get it? Fire . . .?”

Anybody watching this season? I love Tommy, played by Denis Leary, and the whole dysfunctional Gavin clan. The guys in the firehouse crack me up. Franco is sexy as hell and I love that he’s delving into the conspiracy theories of 9/11.  A few episodes ago some cops came and and they had an all out brawl because of Franco, Daniel Sunjata, questioning what the public has been shown about 9/11.

Daniel Sunjata as Franco

Daniel Sunjata as "Franco"

Tommy said, “He may be an asshole, but he’s our asshole.” Then Black Sean proceded to act like an idiot until some cop slugged him. Rumble on.

Ryan ONeal (the one with Farrah Fawcett) and his daughter, Tatum in Paper Moon

Ryan O'Neal (the one with Farrah Fawcett) and his daughter, Tatum in "Paper Moon"

Tatum O’Neal is back as Tommy’s sister Maggie and her one scene was hysterical. She’s sitting with some old man. It seems she’s visiting him in an old folks home or hospital. She’s talking, all animated and silly and the old dude starts pleasuring himself underneath the blanket on his lap. She stops talking and says, “Mr. Smith, are you masturbating?” He says yes so she politely turned around and continued her story.

Tommy and Janet went to Katie’s fancy school. They were having dinner with some of the uppity parents who were being the biggest jerks possible. Janet got drunk and started calling the women names. Tommy supported her and they left. Of course they went to a hotel and had sex. Isn’t that what all couples who hate each other do??  eewwww, double ewwww.

I still like them together and I don’t know why. She just seems to “get him” more than anybody and she needs him. Now she’s dating Michael J. Fox who’s character is in a wheelchair and seems to be a bitter drunk.

I hope to write more later. Thanks.

May 21, 2009 Posted by | Denis Leary, Rescue Me, Tatum O'Neil | , | Comments Off on “Rescue Me is Hot! Get it? Fire . . .?”