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Grey’s Anatomy Cliff Hanger: Spoiler

Let me start by saying that I only watch this show for one reason. Kevin McKidd.

Anybody who reads tabloids knows that TR Knight and Kathryn Heigel aka the absolutely worst couple in TV history, both want out of the show, so it’s no surprize that the “cliffhanger” is Izzy and George in Pergetory. She’s wearing a nice prom dress and he’s in a tux. Maybe both of them will realize that working on a hit show is better than not working at all and they will renew their contracts. If so, we all know too well that they can both be “saved” by this miraculous team of surgical gods.

Izzy story is predictable. We knew she had brain tumors. Back and forth, they’re bigger, it’s smaller, operatate again, did you get the tumor? Yeah got it all. GREAT.

did you get the tumor? Yeah, got it all. GREAT


did you get the tumor? Yeah, got it all. GREAT.

Then she had a moment of clarity when she remembered Alex saying he wanted to kill her, ha ha,  and she “died,” unless the ego of Kathryn Heigel decides she wants to keep working.

DNR, “fuck the DNR,”  beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

But how is George dying? That’s out of left field. They had Owen influence him to join the military to save the lives of soldiers fighting for a country. A noble endevor, that is for sure. I have to admit that I missed the first hour so I didn’t see McBadass show George how to be a man but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out.

Everybody is pissed that George wants to join the Army. I thought it was a good move for the character considering he’s already hooked up or married every female on the show. Nice departure with room for TR to return, if he wants to work.

In other story lines, Sloan, my 2nd favorite hot guy on this show, asked Little Grey to move in with him and she’s all wishy washy about it. I also missed this part because it was in the first hour.

Some man comes in after saving a woman from getting hit by a bus. He’s “road kill”  with his face and body completely messed up because he was dragged for blocks before the bus stopped. He saved this woman’s life and she’s convinced he’s her “knight in shining armor.” He almost dies a few times but opens his eyes and they know he’s alive. He’s touch and go and the woman sits by his side holding his hand.

Now, who could this man, who’s face is messed up, really be? Could it possibly be . . . George? Yeah, that makes sense. Kill off the actor so he can never come back again.  Cliff hanger because we always know that the superdocs could bring him back to life . . . now that they realize that it’s George so the try harder to save him (wtf?).

They can also reconstruct his face and any actor can be George. This is TV folks. When storylines are affected because the actors egos are too big for the show, it really takes the fun out of watching. Just saying.

Now, more Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh. More Chief.

Meridith and Derek actually didn’t annoy me too much this episode. They weren’t the self-absorbed characters they usually are.

Sorry writers but you guys suck. I’m only watching for a hot guy, I don’t know why the rest of the country watches.

Oh, I take that back. 2 weeks ago there was a scene with Meridith and Chief that was Emmy worthy. I cried my little eyes out. He was apologizing for not helping her when she was a child. It was a moving and beautiful scene.



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