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Walt White is turning into a bad-ass. His cancer is 80% smaller so he might not die! Now what? He’s been making meth so he can leave his family some money and now he may not be leaving!

Just wanted to post some pics. You can see how “realistic” some of these characters are.

Ah, Tweakers. Aren’t they a pretty bunch. Skinny Pete was robbed by this skank and her man, Spooge. The casting is incredible but this poor woman. Her name is Dale Dickey and I’ve seen her in many things.

Some of her roles:

Female Junky
Spooge’s Girl
Patty the Daytime Hooker (“My Name is Earl”)
The Stickler
Trashy Woman
Sugar Free Shirley (“Ugly Betty”)
Truck Woman

Interesting career. She must have a great sense of self to be able to do these roles and not care when people say how gross she is. She’s a great Tweaker but I’d really like to see her in something different. I’m sure she’s a good actress but it seems to me that she is typecast as the “weirdo.”

Walt told Jesse to “take care of it,” when he heard about Skinny Pete being robbed. Jesse went to Spooge’s place but they weren’t home. There was a little boy home all by himself. Jesse protected the boy and was disgusted that his junky parents would leave him home alone. I don’t know how old the kid was because he was mentally undeveloped due to neglect. He might have been 5, he might have been 2.

Spooge and Skank finally get home and he has just boosted an ATM machine. I’ve never used the word “boosted” but it seemed appropriate. Anyhow, They cannot get it open. They are axing it, drilling it, and it will not break open. Jesse is there to get the money or kill them. The ATM machine ended up falling on top of Spooge and Skank (I think) was passed out. As the ATM machine fell, which was totally Spooge’s fault, the money started flying out. Jesse grabbed the money. Took the little boy and placed him on the porch and called 911 to report a small child sitting alone.

That was a few episodes ago but I wanted to explain the picture. Still looking for an image of Jesse with the little boy.


Aaron Paul plays Jesse Pinkman. He’s a loser type who dabbles in crystal meth dealing.  He was once a student of Mr. White’s and together, Jesse and Walt (Bryan Cranston) become Alburquerque’s newest drug manufactures. Cranston has already won an Emmy for the first season of this fantastic program.


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