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Hunky men for Mother’s Day

As a single mother, my mother’s day is pretty uneventful. So, in honor of the holiday I wanted to showcase the men that would be welcome in my life.

Julian McMahon: This is the first hunk that actually made me get on the internet to talk about. I’m a grown woman and this dude makes me weak in the knees.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: This man has the perfect body. Why he messed it up with tattoos I will never understand. I see big things for his future because he’s so entertaining in his movies.

Kevin McKidd: Never heard of him until “Journeyman” and I really liked this show. Of course, it was canceled before anybody could see it. Then this man turns up as McBadAss on “Grey’s Anatomy.” I never got into McDreamy or McSteamy (although, he’s growing on me) but McKidd’s character on this show is great. He’s so passionate with Christine. Hell, if he didn’t almost kill her I think they’d still be together. He adds the testosterone that this show needed. Too much whining . . . time for a true man. Owen is it!

Russell Brand: this man REEKS sex and he’s also smart and funny. I can see why he might disgust some but for me, I find him fascinating.

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