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Reality TV and Me

I admit that I watch too much reality TV. I was an early fan of “The Real World” and now I’m a huge non-fan of “Jon and Kate plus 8.” I actually don’t watch J&K+8 aka KON because I feel the show has become one big exploitation of 8 innocent children. They never asked to be on TV and they have no choice. The clips that are chosen to show are humiliating and show some of the kids in a very negative light.

Kon has made me rethink children in the entertainment field. Paul Peterson, former child actor from “The Donna Reed Show,” has an organization and he tries to protect children from the horrors the entertainment industry has caused to many former child celebrities.

His newest post he discusses the Octomom and actually seems to insinuate that Kate Gosselin influenced the woman to have all those babies. This is what Kate critics have been saying since we all were introduced to the magic uterus of Octomom. What many didn’t realize is that Kate Gosselin did the exact same thing. Having many children that you cannot afford and then expecting soceity to pay for her decisions.


March 8, 2009 - Posted by | Reality TV |

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