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Stephanie Miller should be executed for TREASON!


Why should Rush fear this woman??

Why should Rush fear this woman??



Do I really believe that? No. Actually I love Stephanie Miller. She and her mooks make my drive to work enjoyable. I never fail to laugh when I listen to her because she’s smart and funny, as well as very sarcastic and critical of the Republican Party.

Stephanie was on Larry King the other day and they were talking about Rush Limbaugh. Rush wants Obama to fail and he’s made no bones about it. Obama is the president of HIS COUNTRY too, but this baffoon can’t get over the fact that his people are no longer in charge.

Stephanie made the comment that Rush should be executed for treason. Well, you’d think she killed a puppy on camera or something the way the Dittoheads are reacting. She’s getting the nastiest e-mails and some are threatening to boycott any product that advertises on her show.

All I have to say is “WAY TO GO, STEPHANIE!!!”


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